Dark Bronze Heavy Duty Driveway Gate Strap Hinge

Dark Bronze Heavy Duty Driveway Gate Strap Hinge to hang driveway gates and other heavy gates. 20-380-LH and 20-380-RH.
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  • Item #: 20-380
  • Manufacturer: Coastal Bronze

Dark Bronze Heavy Duty Driveway Gate
Strap Hinge


This heavy duty driveway gate strap hinge is built to hold a lot of weight! Add an architectural element to your gate by using this heavy wooden gate strap hinge. These heavy gate hinges are made of solid cast bronze and can be used on wooden driveway gates.

This outdoor gate hinge is visible when the gate is closed. 

Suitable for in-swinging and out-swinging gates. On in-swinging gates, the hinges are installed on the inside (yard-side) of the gate. On out-swinging gates, the hinges are installed on the outside (street-side) of the gate.

These strap hinges are handed (left-hand pictured above), so choose what works for your gate installation. 

This heavy duty hinge is ideal for coastal locations because the bronze will never rust!

Weight capacity: Two hinges will hold 250 lbs. of gate weight. Three hinges will hold 350 lbs. Hinges sold individually so that you can configure the quantity as needed for your installation.


  • Hinge: 17” L x 2” H x 1/4” Thick
  • Mounting Plate: 2" W x 6-1/4" H

Set Includes: Mounting Hardware. Choose from hex head or square head screws with your order.


  1. Choose your finish: Dark Bronze or Black Wax (10% upcharge and 2-3 weeks added processing time for black finish).
  2. Hex head or square head screws, either 1.5" or 2.5" long.

How does this hardware hold up to the elements? This bronze hardware contains 90% copper and 10% tin. When submitted to a salt-water chamber test, this hardware began to patina at the 16-hour-mark, versus 10-hours for other name-brand, high end bronze products. The hardware has an exterior-grade wax applied to it that adds to its resistance. A client recently wrote that this hardware installed on an waterfront boathouse two years ago looks slightly darker and shinier than the original, but looks otherwise exceptional.

The bottom line is: this hardware is the perfect choice for oceanfront, waterfront, and coastal installations.

360 Yardware strives to offer a full selection of heavy duty wood gate hinges and strap hinges for gates. We carry garden gate hinges that work for smaller gates, ball bearing gate hinges for medium sized gates, and for heavy driveway gates we have stout heavy duty driveway gate hinges in dark bronze that can support 250 pounds per pair. Those customers searching for pool gate hardware can use our spring loaded hinges for gates, also known as self-closing hinge. Outdoor gate hinges come in different materials so you’re sure to find what you need: iron gate hinges, bronze hinges, and stainless steel hinges for coastal locations. A wide variety of finishes are available, including black gate hinges, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed stainless steel, and satin nickel.


Gate hinges, even heavy duty gate hinges, can add architectural complement to your gate. Strap hinges and our “H” hinges are visible when the gate is closed, so the hinge adds to the look. Butt hinges, on the other hand, are not visible on the face of the gate.


To help you make your gate hinge decisions, we’ve compiled a blog entry that discusses each aspect of heavy duty gate hinges, so that you can choose the right hinge for your job.

Return Policy:  Items with black finish are considered Special-Order and cannot be returned. This product can be returned in its original condition (original packaging intact, uninstalled, can be put back on the shelf directly) with a 10% restocking fee. If any effort is required to repackage or review the hardware, the restocking fee is 25%. Customer responsible for return shipping. Please contact us for return authorization and instructions.

How to Care for Your Hardware:  

Bronze ages gracefully and may change in appearance due to varying environmental conditions. Bronze patina finishes will develop a wear highlight with frequency of use. When bronze is exposed to air it will tarnish quickly and turn brown. Bronze exposed to exterior elements and conditions will turn green. This discoloration is referred to as patina. This patina process starts immediately upon installation. None of these conditions are considered defects, but part of the natural beauty of ages bronze. 

To read about the ways you can care for your bronze hardware, see our Bronze Care page.


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